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Most Common Causes Of Accidents At Home

A home is a sanctuary for it’s inmates and is considered a place that provides one with comfort and safety. It is the responsibility of the adults to make the home as such. Although all the residents have the possibility of hurting themselves, the children and elderly are the ones with high risk. Therefore parents must ensure that basic steps are taken in order to avoid terrible accidents. In recent years it has been noticed that more and more deaths have occurred simply because of accidents at home. A first aid kit is a vital essential that must be available in every household. And also it is important that all the causes are identified and necessary steps are taken in order to avoid injuries. The points below is a brief explanation of the common causes of home accidents.

Wet or Poor Quality Floors

Wet floors usually in bathrooms are extremely dangerous especially if there are kids in the house. Slips could cause serious spinal injuries therefore bathroom waterproofing Sydney is very important. Wet areas must be immediately mopped and carpets should be placed to absorb the water. Uneven or broken flooring is another cause for falls. Homeowners must always select high quality flooring which is slip free and water absorbent.

Electrical Issues

Wires of equipment must be hidden under furniture when there are children because a short circuit or torn wire could cause electrocution. Poor quality water heaters or dryers can also malfunction and overheat causing the house to catch on fire. Therefore it is essential that every home has a properly working fire alarm system so that immediate action could be taken in case of a fire.

Backyard Pond or Pool

Children can die from drowning if they are left in the backyard without supervision. Since the area around is wet always be careful and do not run close to the pond or pool. Homeowners must consider using swimming pool waterproofing products in order to make the area safe for kids to play in. It is also wise to build a short fence around the pool so in case children are near it they will not be injured.


Poisoning is one of the largest causes of death so medicines should always be kept in cabinets out of reach from children or must be locked at all times. Overdosing on string pills could cause severe health issues or even immediate death. Also make sure that you are very cautious after consuming medicine because the intake of alcohol after strong pills could worsen health conditions